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I prossimi impegni di Musetti nel circuito

Lorenzo Musetti’s next engagements ranged from America to Italian competitions

On the sidelines of Umak’s defeat against Marco SniperLorenzo Musetti As the doors to the North American season now open, the next scheduled meets have been revealed.

“Yeah, I think we saw fatigue. Marco had a great game, playing from the start with a great serve and powerful shots.

Honestly, I ran out of gas, I tried until the end, I tried to be active, I tried to motivate myself, but Marco was very good. Ultimately, if there is no nerve energy, there will be no energy to hit the ball.

It can be said that if there is no petrol inside the car, the car will not work. I am happy for Marco, we are very good friends, he came from a difficult time. I regret my loss, but at least I lost a friend.

Future plans? I won’t be playing in Montreal, but I’ll definitely be in Cincinnati, Winston Salem and the US Open: I think that’s the American plan.

Florence or Naples? Nothing else to do during those weeks is absolutely necessary. I’ve already skipped this year’s competition in Rome, but I think I’ll definitely take part in Florence, closer to home, and I’ll try to take part in all the Italian competitions that injuries allow.

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