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"You're clumsy, you always fall down."  But years later, he made a shocking discovery

“You’re clumsy, you always fall down.” But years later, he made a shocking discovery

They were always making fun of her, saying, “You clumsy, you always fall. Stand on your feet.” And she suffered from it, she was desperate. She was angry with herself. Until she made the dramatic discovery that changed her life. Her name Chloe CollinShe is 26 years old and her story has been told in the British media, most notably by daily mirror.

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The girl who was bullied for years was already suffering from a rare disease that is Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. An inherited collagen disease characterized by joint hypermobility. Which, among other things, does not allow her to go as she pleases. His body can twist in different ways. His foot can rotate inward at an angle of 45 degrees. It was her highly mobile joints that caused her to fall in countless numbers. On one occasion, she also broke her ankle after tripping. Disability also causes severe joint pain and constipation. Cases that can last for up to six consecutive weeks, without giving them a break.

Chloe’s story

The girl gave a long interview to the tabloid woman: «My fingers are more flexible than the fingers of others, when I keep my hands straight they rise more. I can also put my thumb back and touch my wrist. My knees are turning inward, as are my feet. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve fallen in my life.” “They always considered me a clumsy, precisely because of falls, but of course it was Ehlers Danlos — says the girl — I broke my ankle while playing mini golf in 2017. They gave up. It was very painful. Now I have to wear anklets if I go out for a walk.”

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Chloe from LowestoftSuffolk says the syndrome also causes constant pain in her joints: “It’s my biggest problem – he stresses – I take painkillers every day, but they aren’t enough to completely remove the pain.” When she was younger, doctors and relatives thought she was simply having “growing pains,” she said. The illness also causes her to be constipated: “Many people with Ehlers Danlos have digestive issues,” she says. His inherited disability has never been diagnosed in any of his relatives. His symptoms only became severe when he was twenty. Finally, in April, she finally found out from her rheumatologist that she had the syndrome.

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