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“Look at his hand” – El Tiempo

“Look at his hand” – El Tiempo

US President Joe Biden is once again in the crosshairs of Donald Trump's ardent supporters who will try to return to the White House. In a video reposted on social media, the American “commander in chief” was with his wife Jill and the couple formed by Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and the Japanese First Lady. “Look carefully at this video with Joe Biden and you'll notice something they want to hide!” a Twitter post showing photos of the meeting said.

They will do it again.  Russia and China, Fabbri's advice: what the summit hides

What is there to hide? Biden enters the center aisle and Kishida waits with a broad wave of his arm, as a sign of courtesy. “Look at his hand, it's stiff,” commentators wrote in reference to subsequent photos, referring to possible health problems for the Democrat that Washington does not want to reveal. At the bottom of the post, many aspiring investigators begin looking for other alleged anomalies in the video. As if Biden's gaffes, gaffes, and genuine amnesia weren't enough.

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