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The news she received in despair

The news she received in despair

After the holiday season broke, many TV shows are back on the air and others have just started. For example, “There’s mail for you,” came back as expected on Saturday January 8th: the episode that aired four days ago was taped in 2021 and there were no streaming issues. Other programs, however, will start soon. Also among these is the second season of “Scenes from a Wedding,” a new Mediaset look that’s been commissioned entirely with a relatively new face for television: Anna Tatangelo.

Gigi D’Alessio’s ex-partner often appeared on TV but before 2021 she hadn’t done her own show. Mediaset wanted to be trusted and the results were all good. If they weren’t, there wouldn’t have been a second season. The new episodes of “Scenes from a Wedding” were scheduled to air on Saturday, January 22, exactly ten days later. Unfortunately for Anna Tatangelo and for many fans of the show it will not be like this: the start of the show has been postponed.

Communications arrived today from Mediaset social profiles. The first to give the news was Qui_Mediaset, the Twitter account of Cologno Monzese. We learned from the social network that the start of broadcasting was “postponed due to obvious organizational problems related to the health emergency.” In fact, with the Omicron variant still running even now that the parties are over, it’s becoming more difficult than usual to organize big events like weddings. Hence the decision to postpone the start.

But how much? Mediaset is limited to writing “a few weeks”. Therefore, the hope is that the new episodes will air in February, given that in January it will be almost impossible. Or will we have to wait a little longer? The Sanremo Festival Final will air on Saturday, February 5th and it is reasonable for Mediaset to avoid starting the show on that date. So the most optimistic hypothesis is Saturday, February 12, when Sanremo will officially be in the archive for seven days. we will see. The week certainly didn’t start in the right way for Anna Tatangelo, who had no patience for returning to Canal 5 and would now be frustrated to learn that “Scenes from Wedding 2” would start at least three or four weeks late (at best assumptions).

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If from a professional point of view, today is a cold shower for singer Sora, her love life continues just fine. On January 9, Tatangelo turned 35 and celebrated the happy event with her boyfriend, who is five years younger. As expected between the couple, the 31-year-old rapper’s gift was a bouquet of red roses, with a card containing a loving dedication. “Happy birthday my love! Since you are now regressing, today I am a year younger!”, With the imperative “I love you” to end the dedication. Now all that remains is to wait for new communications from Mediaset about when the first episode of season two of “Scenes from a Wedding” will air.

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