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Light cordon bleu pancrete, I prepare it in 10 minutes when I'm hungry but don't want to spoil it: it's light but very tasty

Light cordon bleu pancrete, I prepare it in 10 minutes when I'm hungry but don't want to spoil it: it's light but very tasty

Cordon Bleu – Instagram –

Cordon Bleu is easy and delicious and we can prepare it with complete peace of mind in our kitchens.

Nowadays we find ourselves living increasingly hectic andSign of hasteAnd also from fitbecause of Work rhythmswhich They don't allow much time for every Access to the stove And cooking Healthy lunches H Nutrients. So, purely for Matching timesWe often have to do that Prepared foods.

In this case we are talking about the dish of origin Frenchas indicated by the name itself, i.e The collar remainedwhich usually consists of some type Sandwiches It consists of one Double chicken cutlet which it contains within it cheese H Prosciuttoturn everything around Breaded and fried.

In this trend in the 90s, for example, the famous manufacturer Frozen foods He sent some great players The collar remained made of The components just described. if Related business It has become Very famousA cheerful little family sitting at the table, their mother responding to the fateful question “What are you eating?”, “Minestrina!”, then revealing a welcome surprise.

But a dish like this requires a Careful preparationas well as time, in order to put it on the table with A High quality. In this case, we are about to suggest a very good alternative version, which also includes a Light cookingBecause we will need to Air fryer Or, alternatively, from oven.

Light cordon bleu de bancary, a real treat

In particular, now we will see how to set one up Quantity needed for 3 peopleSo we're talking about it 3 collars leftfor its success it will only be necessary 15 minutes. They can be excellent for lunch, dinner or even just An elaborate snack.

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The ingredients we will need for three people are, 6 slices of bread, 75 grams of cooked pork s Turkey breasts100 grams Elongated curd cheese. to Mixture Instead we will need to an egg It will be perfect for baking corn chips Coarsely shred.

A quick and delicious recipe
Cordon Bleu – Instagram –

Proceed with preparation

Let's arm ourselves with one rolling pin H We are flattened As much as possible Bread slices. At this point we get the rounded shapes with A cup of pasta Or use a glass that serves as a mold. We create So far with Slices of round bread Obtained i SandwichesStuff it cheese H Prosciutto.

And now Dip them in the beaten egg And let's move on breading Then pass them Sagranati corn flakes, making sure that the latter sticks completely. So let's get it in Air fryer a 180 degrees for every 15 minutesObior V The oven is in fan mode for every 20 minutes at 200 degrees.