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Life on Mars?  It can be tried on the ground

Life on Mars? It can be tried on the ground

There is a unique place on Earth where you can experience, as an astronaut, environmental conditions and Experience life on Mars.

This habitat, completely misleading as an extraterrestrial, is at the heart of the program Hello sailorAnd the Hawaiian space exploration simulation and simulation, Which is a completely isolated research facility on slopes Mauna Loa volcano2,500 meters above sea level in Hawaii.

The suspense and fatigue of the Martian expedition was at the heart of the documentary.Space traveler“, in which Chelsea Judd A reporter ran a two-week planetary exploration simulation with a crew of 6, backed by a real astronaut.

The geology of Mauna Loa is very close to the gorgeous basalt expanses of Mars, which is a pity because the fake astronauts have been able to admire little to it. Walks mars Striped with a full space suit.

The housing conditions are also very strict. The purpose of the center is to study the effects of confinement on a person, which is non-emergency closure but to prepare for sending people to remote places.

The fictitious crew members lived together in quarters 110 square meters Without any other external communication, being able to communicate only via email, with a delay of 20 minutes, due to the simulated high latency between crew and mission support, just as if they were on Mars.

Likewise, the cuisine is definitely not Hawaiian, with fresh fruits like coconut and pineapple, but rather a diet on Mars consisting of dried and freeze-dried foods.

In short, a psychological and sensory experience from out of this world that reminds us of how living on Mars definitely wouldn’t be a walk in the park. In the meantime, let’s enjoy the Chelsea experience on YouTube channel Powered by

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Featured Image Credits: NASA