Saturday, July 20, 2024

Samanta, you send me goodbye, Fustri Boy.


Samanta crown me Concludes his experience a Your facts. After just a year spent conducting the dance, the dancer decided that her path was on a program Rai2 It can be said to be concluded. And by his decision.

The advertisement comes from columns new, Which revealed to her that she is ready for other projects and has not been subjected to any pressure to leave her broadcast Giancarlo Magali For one season only.

“The experience at I Fatti Vostri and the human and professional relationship with Giancarlo Magalli made me grow, but I decided not to return for the next version of the program. I would like to focus on new things. I would like a program where I can make my experience as a dancer available to young people.”

Unlike other occasions, Female management The successful Rai2 show is closed at the request of the interested person, who is already thinking of something personal to add to her TV career.

Career led entirely on the roller coaster, ie Samanta crown me, On TV at a very young age thanks Dancing With The Stars, Which he left after nearly 15 years of residency. Thus, after just one year of changing perspective, the dancer brings a new twist to her life by amazing the already accustomed audience to her gentle attendance and daily dance lessons, which are already within everyone’s reach.

Behind this drastic decision she made, there may be a desire to devote herself more to her family and her husband, Mario Russo, They met on the train and got married soon after real love at first sight.

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At the moment, the name of his replacement is unknown, although one can already assume a comeback Roberta Morris Who conducted the program until 2020. Everyone is silent in the foreground Giancarlo MagaliOn the other hand, who has not yet commented on Samanta Tojni’s farewell announcement, which unexpectedly came to everyone.

The possibility of returning to her profession is not excluded, but the words of the person concerned directly show a certain will to continue with Television career Thanks to that you made him known and loved by different and wider audiences, the audience that you want to continue to conquer. Samanta Togni is currently leading its own program, tomorrow is Sunday, Which is performing successfully on Rai2 Sunday morning.


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