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“Let's vote against”, who can drop everything – Libero Quotidiano

“Let's vote against”, who can drop everything – Libero Quotidiano

A few weeks after the formation of the third government pedro sanchez, The Socialist already has to deal with the difficulty of obtaining votes for the Catalan independents in Juntes on measures that are crucial for the executive, but considered risky for the application of the amnesty to the independents and the competences of the Catalan government.

Party of the former President of the Generalitatscarles Puigdemont, He has in fact announced that he will vote against converting into law three decrees that the executive branch will present to the plenary session of Congress next week. The decree extends most of the measures of the anti-crisis package that expired on December 31 to 2024, while the second, called the “omnibus decree,” includes measures linked to receiving European funds and the third was promoted by the Interior Ministry.

We still have five days to go for a parliamentary vote, and there is time to try to reach an agreement with Gantz, but without the votes of independents, the executive will see the three decrees turned into law blocked. Spain's ability to collect the fourth tranche of funds next generation The European Union specifically relies on approval of these measures. In short, the Sánchez government that was formed with the votes of independents is already in danger of exploding. Spain could return to voting by the end of this year, which has just begun.