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Legacy, Emma’s guillotine is accused: “Unacceptable”

Legacy, Emma’s guillotine is accused: “Unacceptable”

while whatever He won a title hero to the legacywithin Viewers Which follows Rai 1 sui game show social Another one broke out neutral. During yesterday’s episode, Sunday, May 26, the new competitor was able to reach… guillotine After playing with Sergio and Eleonora in Trello, then against the latter at 100s. I reached the final step with A Cash prize The initial amount is 190 thousand euros, halved 23.750 After several mistakes in choosing words, Emma found herself a reason About five clues They are: the pen, the pen, the red, the magic, and the mushroom. After an essential moment of silence for contemplation, the new heroine wrote the word “filo” on her card, an answer that later turned out to be wrong. there Solution correctIn fact, it wasbutton“, which is a term he made up Deformation I Nassau for several Passionate Of this competition, who like to collect every evening X To comment on the match. “button? You’re ridiculous”, “Who guessed really well, the authors are a little fanciful!! “,”The words guillotine are unacceptable lately the magic button?! “Worth it all.” some social media users thundered.

Bad luck guillotine for Emma and social media in equal measure: ‘You’re ridiculous’

And whatever the new hero to the legacy. The competition made its debut last night, and after passing Triello by playing with Sergio and Eleonora, she beat the latter in 100 seconds, thus winning the race.Access In the guillotine. And here it is Half I Cash prize From the initial 190 thousand euros to 23,750 euros, he had to think about five Words guide Which were Pen, Pain, Red, Magic and Mushrooms, and to tie them together Emma chose “Thread”. But unfortunately for her,… Solution “It was correct”button“, his answer is verbatim Wild to’Big fire We are X. In fact, a lot Viewers On the social Which they found silly the word An ambiguous choice by the authors, and too much Pull yourself up I Links With clues.

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“‘All clear?’ No, to me, the word ‘button’ is not clear at all, what about you?”one asks userThis was echoed by many Criticisms: “Mass Distraction Button #Legacy”, “But I’ll press the ‘button’ to open the trapdoor under the authors’ feet”, “Put the fiasco away from the authors, see you tomorrow friends”, “Okay, collect change to reach the end of the season. Pulsanti bah!!!”. H Still: “But do you know where you should put the button? It’s a big deal!”, “They’ve run out of money! That’s the only explanation!”, “You have to put the mushroom church in your head,” “They invented the ‘button’ by now?”