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Open day at Sondrio to learn about the symptoms and treatment of migraines

Open day at Sondrio to learn about the symptoms and treatment of migraines

Migraine is a complex and serious neurological disease, affecting approximately 12 percent of adults worldwide, with an incidence three times higher among women. Despite the availability of scientific knowledge and innovative, specific and selective medicines, it remains an underrecognized and undertreated disease, despite a serious disability that severely affects a person’s school, work and social life.

The open day organized by the Fondazione Onda, National Observatory of Women’s Health, during National Headache Week, is dedicated to migraines. Tomorrow, Monday 27 May, from 9 am to 4 pm, in the reception area of ​​the Sondrio Hospital, an information point will be set up: neurologists will be available for users to delve deeper into the issues related to early recognition of symptoms and the importance of arriving at a specific diagnosis and treatment paths in a timely manner. Information materials will also be distributed.

According to the World Health Organization, migraine is the third most common and second most disabling disease, which carries a very high human, social and economic cost. Dr. Giuditta Giussani, Head of the Stroke Unit at Sondrio Hospital, is an expert in cerebrovascular diseases and headaches. “He emphasizes that migraine is not just a symptom, but rather a chronic neurological disease with a distinct female tendency that accompanies women in the central stages of life, and is often characterized by comorbidities, and has a significant impact on psychological and physical health and quality of life, so it is important to recognize the symptoms and know Treatment paths: An open day has been organized tomorrow to raise awareness among the population about this disease.

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