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Leave the group with 35% positive

Leave the group with 35% positive

Positive subjects will have to remain in isolation, monitored and monitored in accordance with the current legislation

the Scientific Technical Committee gave the green light to protocol It was developed at the meeting between the government and the territories which was also attended by the leaders of Coni and Serie A League. The number of positives is greater than 35% Of the components – intended to define “safe and common” rules in order to “ensure equal treatment and give certainty to the continuation of sporting activities”.

The document also states that positive subjects must remain isolated, monitored and monitored in accordance with current legislation. Alternatively, ‘high-risk contacts’, regardless of vaccination status, should undergo antigen tests every day for at least 5 days and should wear an Ffp2 mask except when participating in sports.

Each sport will have its own rules regarding the starting number of the team kit: for football, the Figc will count 25 players It follows that they will play up to eight positives.

According to the development of cases in various Italian league teams, at the moment, the only match that can be in danger is the one between Juventus and Udinese. The Cioffi squad is currently the hardest hit by Covid, with eight positives counted, only one less than expected for the possible shutdown of the entire team (Nine positives out of 25).

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