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Le Iene Show 12 novembre

Le Iene Show November 12, live broadcast, reports, jokes, expensive, Salvini

Among the proposals is a reconciliation between Ghali and Liga leader Matteo Salvini after the San Siro match.

Friday, November 12, from 21:25 a.m. Italy 1, a new episode of Show Le Iene. Management this week is assigned to it Giulio Giulia, Filippo Roma and Matteo Viviani.

Among the services of the ring is the reconciliation between Galli and Matteo Salvini, after the quarrel that took place between them at the San Siro stadium during the Inter Milan derby.

The The joke victim is Bianca Berlinger.

Le Iene Show, live on November 12, Tyson

In the live broadcast on November 12, the conductors are Giulio Giulia, Filippo Roma and Matteo Viviani. The first report is dedicated to Tyson, the dog killed by a hunter last September.

Carmen, the dog’s owner, says her dog was playing with the hunter’s dog. The latter, alarmed by the fact that her dog did not heed her commands, fired two shots from a rifle, and Carmen thought one of them was supposed to be hers. With the help of the hyenas, Carmen hopes to track him down.

Le Iene Show November 12 Galli Salvini

Le Ene Shaw, Galli and Matteo Salvini

Galli and Matteo SalviniBoth AC Milan fans had one A clash during the Inter Milan derby. Ghali lost his temper when Salvini cheered when a black soccer player scored. The reference is due to the fact that this player may be a symbol of one of those many refugees who lost their lives at sea and that Salvini would like to return to their countries.

Ghali does not regret his statements at all. how though Reconciliation symbol Salvini’s hyenas bring the Tunisian national team shirt signed by Ghali.

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Le Iene show November 12 Bianca Berlinger

The joke on Bianca Berlinger

The victim of the joke is Bianca Berlinger. The collaborator is his daughter Julia A 22-year-old who has not yet obtained a driver’s license. Damiano er Faina He arrives at Bianca Berlinger’s house pretending to be Get 3000 euros for Julia’s fake license. The reporter goes on a rampage She is not at all willing to do anything illegal. He also took him out of the house.

Meanwhile, Julia returns home and has to severely scold her mother. over there The girl tries to justify her gesture But Berlinguer does not want to know the reasons. Meanwhile, the The news has already reached the editorial offices And some journalists appear under his house.