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Ladies' Paradise 6 December 3, 2021: Episode

Ladies’ Paradise 6 December 3, 2021: Episode

Ladies’ Paradise Preview December 6 3, 2021

Ladies’ Paradise 6 On December 3, 2021 go on air on rai 1 When watching for the first time All 15:55. This is the last episode of Block ranging from number 56 to 60. It is scheduled to broadcast on the first channel, Al RaiHours, unless there are changes in the schedule. Alternatively, you can watch this episode Ladies’ Paradise 6 Live broadcast on Ray Play Or upon request on the platform.

Here are previews Ladies’ Paradise 6 From December 3, 2021!

Grace Ambrose (Stefania Colombo) in a scene from episode 52 of “Il Paradiso Delle Signore 6”. Credits: Ray

Ladies’ Paradise 6 Episode 60 Conspiracy

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for a while now Ezio suggest that Stefania To move to Casa Colombo. However, at first Venus did not feel ready to leave her friends. This is what he confesses to his mother – without knowing that she is really his mother – one day in heaven. Now Colombo has finally made a decision on this matter. VeronicaWe, in addition to Ezio, would be pleased to welcome you. Stefania’s relationship with like my sisterOn the other hand, it is rather complicated.

Gemma receives an invitation from Marco. It is totally unexpected. After all, their whole story is unexpected: it comes from a chance encounter in the field near Paradise. Zanata likes to be tough, but she can’t. Trying to resist it is useless. Veronica He immediately understood that his daughter was deeply fascinated, if it were not for love … Gemma She does not allow herself to be scratched by the phrase that has the wrong effect on her name, but she is shocked by the young aristocracy.

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Salvatore Do not suspect anything Agnese and Armando Until he accidentally overhears a conversation between them Ferraris and Don Saverio. So he asks for explanations a Tina. The sister, in the face of the direct question, could not help but admit the truth. NS But much to bear. He blows all his anger towards his mother and leaves the house.