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katrina pallivu disaster | ‘You’re Not Right’: Post-Live Disaster

A painful comeback, the return of Katrina Palifo on TV. The numbers speak for themselves, the situation is emergency

Katrina Palivo (Youtube)

When the pandemic broke out, Katrina Palifo was running on Rai1 “come to me”, an early afternoon program dedicated to interviewing famous and non-famous people. The broadcast was very touching and emotional and garnered great reviews, but the emergence of the health crisis impose a moratorium on it. During the emergency months, Katrina admitted that she had difficult moments, and because of this, she wanted to focus for only a year and a half. about his family.

But fall 2022 is for her The right moment to return to the TV. after, after”Help – I have a doubt“On Rai2 late in the evening, a game on La7 was also assigned to it. However, the latest news is definitely negative: does not work.

Katrina Palivo, her problems

Katrina Palivo in the language of
Katrina Balifo (Youtube)

The first program with which Caterina Balivo wanted to return to television was Help – I have a doubt. Late evening on Rai2, it hosts several contestants on each episode who are complaining to the audience about their lives and careers. audience, buttons, So she expresses her opinionTo help the competitor make a decision.

After this first successful experience, especially on the web, Katrina Palifo has moved to La7, where she leads the game”languageIn Italy, this is the first time for a woman to take an audition before the evening, which is a great opportunity for her, as well as a challenge: since the game is accustomed to interview formats, the game has become completely new in her career. The programme, although it takes A very popular format where competitors play with words, However, it does not work as expected: Ratings are always low.

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The competition has a huge impact on this program: at the same time, on Rai1 there is “chain reaction“, while in Canale5”free fallIn fact, the Newborn game Katrina Palivo, in quizzes, is overshadowed by the Holy Beasts, but in reality, the audience does not really like her presence in Lingo:

In short, if things continue like this, one might think that La7 The program will close soon. Costs must be incurred and unsatisfactory ratings: the trial was unsuccessful.