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Cashback, nasty surprise for € 1,500: this is confirmed


Cashback, exciting in Italy: There is a bad surprise for those who are currently running for € 1,500. Here’s what happens


Other than the last dash under control: Who wants to be in control 1,500 euros From supercashback, He will have to sweat a lot and buy more than he actually intended. This is what emerges from the data filtering these days, after a massive escalation from the low ranking that seriously questioned everything. Just keep in mind that at the moment it crosses a threshold 290 operations To re-enter the previous 100,000 usersAn overwhelming breakup compared to just over 220 a few weeks ago.

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Cashback, valid for 1,500 €

Cashback (Pixabay)

There was a hike, and now it’s going to be tough to keep up with reaching the final finish line. Unless you’re in a semi-armored rating, such as in the top 40,000 locations where it is clear that regular purchase is still needed, from the mid-ranking onwards they are all at risk and won’t have to diminish their attention in the coming days. .

We are at this moment Above average of 2.5 transactions per day So as not to sink, which probably corresponds to about 4-5 purchases a day. But beware of the latter phase which can show the worst in itself, even with 10 operations per day expected in that period.

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All this means one specific thing: in relation 420 That before, with previous expectations, it was enough to reach the loot, and now we are moving towards a value that also breaks through a wall 500 operations And the climax is not to be excluded Minimum 700.

Suffice it to say that at the moment in the low ranking we’re doing about 300 interventions in three months with two more processes on the horizon: maintaining an average that we’re actually going to be over 500, but in the event of a final craze, we can go with precision. About 700. We will have to equip ourselves with it Money and patience, Therefore, to be on the final list in Italy.


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