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Juventus-Inter 0-1, slow motion: penalty kick on Dumfries, double video referee.  Calhanoglu misses, then scores on repetition

Juventus-Inter 0-1, slow motion: penalty kick on Dumfries, double video referee. Calhanoglu misses, then scores on repetition

Live with us all the controversial episodes of the match between Juventus and Inter, valid for match 31 of the Italian Serie A and refereed by Massimilano Irate of the Pistoia division. Interventions to the limit, penalties awarded or denied, fouls not blown and cards due or not. Here’s everything that happened in the match at Allianz Stadium, which ended 0-1 (Calhanoglu’s penalty kick in the first half recovery).

Ranking and results


Inzaghi: “The punishment was there. I threw the coat? I got kicked out.”

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Juventus-Inter slow motion 0-1

2′ Lautaro Martinez warnings – Instantly hot spirit on the court: Lautaro Martinez involuntarily hits Locatelli with a cliff in the face at half-court level. Irrati thinks about it for a moment and then takes out a yellow card against the Argentine striker, who will miss the next championship match against Verona on Saturday 9 April at San Siro (6pm). The referee’s decision seems correct: Lautaro enters Locatelli with a very high leg.

15 ‘Warned rabbit Juventus midfielder Francesidi enters Parilla with his hammer at the height of the Juventus attack. Irrate extracts the bile without hesitation. Here, too, there is no doubt about the correctness of the judgment decision.

23′ Rabiot and Lautaro, what a danger! Within a few minutes, first Rabiot and then Lautaro Martinez, both already booked, risked a lot with two wrong entries against Lautaro himself and Chiellini respectively. In the first case, Irrati did not find out about Juve’s mistake, and in the second case, the Bianconeri is punished without disciplinary action. Right Decision: Mistakes were there, but they weren’t punished.

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26 & # 39; ALSO WARNING LOCATELI The Juventus midfielder becomes the third yellow card of the match after a broken entry against D’Ambrosio, who injured his chest.

43 ‘Penalty for entering! Dumfries enters the area from the right and falls after first coming into contact with Morata (who hits him with his right foot), then Alex Sandro who hits him. Irrati lets go, then is called to the screen for a field review, reviews the action and awards a penalty to Nerazzurri, warns Alex Sandro.

45′ + 1′ CALHANOGLU FALSE, BUT MUST REPEAT THE PENALTY! Szczny senses and rejects the Turkish midfielder’s penalty kick, Calhanoglu and De Ligt pounce on the ball, Karum is born and the ball is waiting behind the Juventus goalkeeper. Irrati is nullified, citing an error in Calhanoglu’s attack.

45 + 5′ CALHANOGLU SCORE ON REPEAT Called up to the VAR, Irrati decided to repeat the penalty: at the time of Calhanoglu’s shot, in fact, De Ligt had already entered the area. In iterations, Calhanoglu does not fail and puts Inter ahead.

54 ‘Bastoni faces a found penalty – The Inter defender commits a foul on Zakaria on the short right side of the penalty area. Irrati concedes the penalty for Juventus, but is waiting for the VAR review before the match resumes. Doubt that Bastogne’s intervention took place inside the area: the check confirms the referee’s decision.

94 ‘LA JUVE team protested and demanded 2 penalty kicks! Vibrant protests by Juventus players over two contacts in the Inter penalty area in stoppage time. On the first D’Ambrosio locomotive and Vlahovic at each other and the Serb falls, on the second De Ligt (not squashed forward) he hit Darmian with a light slap in the face. Irrati is right to let it go either way.

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referee team

Rule: Massimiliano Irrati of the Department of Pistoia.
Auxiliaries: Rangeti and Vivinzi.
Fourth official: Gursini.
Video Assistant Referee: Mazzolini.
AVAR: the birds.

Spalletti: “Var on call? A new number will be needed in the staff”


Allegri: “Scudetto? We’re definitely out now”

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Juventus Inter, Cards Report: Prozo’s leader, Dybala trying

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