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Fortnite risks a very big new complaint

Epic Games doesn’t seem to be having a spare moment. Fortnite is once again in the midst of a storm, a new complaint arrives for the game

A famous choreographer and YouTuber, he has recently been the subject of news that did not go unnoticed. In fact he chose to So Epic GamesSpecifically, Fortnite. Battle Royale has more than once faced a similar situation. Although this time it seems that the reason is different from the one he gave in the past to the judge.

Epic Games’ new Fortnite complaint (epicgames source)

It is impossible to forget the legal battle that Epic Games fought against the giant Apple, which was caused by the management of payments within applications and digital stores. Because of this problem, little by little, it was the craziest island in Epic Games Deleted from every smartphone. We have recently seen how the game It can irritate many players.

Fortnite is once again in trouble, another complaint arrives

Many also note how the . file Battle Royale cleared buildings. Now, Epic Games stands again forced to defend himself. The “the enemy” today is Kyle Hanagamichoreographer and YouTuber claims to be The owner of the movements Appeared in the dance dance “It’s complicated”. He then took Epic Games to court for allegedly copying the move, without asking for any kind of authorization. It was August 2020 when these steps entered the game. The original, as Kyle himself stated, was born in 2017. This isn’t the first time Epic Games has faced similar accusations, as it has previously been accused of stealing some dance moves.

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A new complaint every two weeks
Epic Games’ new Fortnite complaint (epicgames source)

Suffice it to mention the actor Alfonso Ribeiro and the influencer Bakpa Lee, who immediately notify of similar situations. These lawsuits were filed in 2019, although they were dismissed on that occasion as None of them have the rights One of those dances they accused of stealing. However, things could go very differently now, with the latter claiming full rights to this aforementioned move.

All that remains is to wait and find out the future of the question. Hanagami only wants one thing, and that’s the step it should be It has been removed from Fortnite. In addition, he also requests economic compensation, which covers legal costs and moral damages caused by Epic Games.