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Prime Minister Against Not Vaccination: Commit to Vaccination by October

Prime Minister Against Not Vaccination: Commit to Vaccination by October

Premier League shuts down to laissez-faire The Football Association, the English Football Association, has decided that by October 1, players and staff of all clubs in the Premier League will have to be vaccinated. One dose will not be enough: by that date it will be necessary to complete a course of vaccination for both doses. Practically speaking, if there is a club in England with players who oppose the vaccine, such as Spezia (which is certainly not the only club with these problems), they will not be able to play the tournament. This is unconstitutional in Italy today.

Spezia, a team breakout created by 2 vax players. Doctor: You don’t call them? It is up to the clubs.

Instead, the FA has implemented the provisions of the UK government’s plan: Johnson has in effect imposed a mandatory Covid-19 vaccine by October 1 on anyone attending the stadium: including footballers, coaches and staff. At this point, if they are not vaccinated by the beginning of October, they will not be able to enter the field. On the other hand, those who only received one dose on that date can take advantage of a two-week waiver to complete the course. The Premier League will resume on August 13 with Brentford-Arsenal: in the first month and a half, so the players who have not yet started the vaccination process will have time to comply with the standards. And the virus is trying to strike again.

Vij Gravina against accusations: ‘It is wrong to link the increase in injuries to me’

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