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Welcome to the Lamborghini County American Library for The Cannonball Run

Welcome to the Lamborghini County American Library for The Cannonball Run

Another Lamborghini Countdown Entering history. Also, enter Library Of Congress Of United States And car list Considered important in American history From National Vehicle Registration.

This is a goDisconnect LP400S Dell 1979Chassis number 1121112, Is known by many as the star of the comedy film “Cannonball Run” (In Italian “America’s Greatest Race “) 1981.

Exactly 40 years after the film was released, Is considered one of the most iconic in the theme Motor sports, The Countess, who was one of the protagonists, went down in history and was inserted from the inside National Historic Vehicle Register of the American Library of America, Managed by the Hogerti Driver Foundation, it is one of only 30 cars considered to be of national importance in the United States.

To celebrate this historic moment, The This week, at the National Mall in Washington DC, the Countess is on display inside a glass case.., Historic site in the American capital, the Lincoln Memorial and the George Washington Monument.

From now on, A copy of all car related information, its history, its 3D scanning and all related documents, Held at the Library of Congress, the oldest cultural institution in the United States, the official organization of the American Congress and the American National Library.

When the comedy “The Canonball Run” was released in June 1981, With an imaginary plot based on a semi-secret race that took place over the years between the east and west coasts of the United States, some predict the enormous success it will receive and its significance in American clothing history. In the United States, a maximum speed limit of 55 mph (88 km / h) is in effect and these are the years when the dream of any speed, albeit slightly higher, is firmly suppressed by the police. .

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In the same years, a group of interested motorists, From the center of Manhattan in New York, to the Pacific Ocean Bear on the coast of Redonto in California, decides to challenge this system in the shortest possible time. It is obvious that such a move would go unnoticed by the Hollywood screenwriters who created the film, selecting the most representative cars of the time, driven by completely exceptional actors with the characteristics of Roger Moore, Burt Reynolds and Dean Martin. Sami Davis Jr. and Farra Fawcett.

The undeniable protagonist And, in the contest, the winner of the contest, the Countach LP400S since 1979, in black With mustard leather interior, Chase # 1121112. More than 3 minutes of the first scene filmed in the eastern desert of Las Vegas were dedicated to her. V12 and its 6 carburetors, Countach is one of the film’s absolute protagonists and creates the public’s dream. It was newly delivered to the then Lamborghini dealer in Rome SEA Auto, immediately exported to the United States and sold in Florida.

Owner in 1980, Friend of the director of the film Hall Justice, lend to the shooting. The car has been redesigned with one front wing, two driving lights, three antennas and 12 exhaust tubes for the picture. Settle, Run Rice, founder of the sunscreen brand “The Hawaii Tropic” is famous for her automobile sponsorships, and he falls in love with her and buys it on the spot. He kept it until 2004, when he sold it to lawyer and Lamborghini activist Jeff Ipoliti of Florida, who still owns it today.

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Words from Diane Parker, Vice President of the Huckerdy ​​Driver Foundation

Our Foundation helps improve the future of automotive culture by celebrating its history. We develop and subsidize projects in three macro areas: automobile culture, training, innovation. Every September, we celebrate Automotive Culture with our event showcasing some of the most important cars in American history at the National Mall in Washington, DC. We are proud to announce that the carNumber 30 is the 1979 Lamborghini Countach LP400, the star of the 1981 movie “The Cannonball Run” (America’s Crazyst Race). “

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Last modified: 29 September 2021