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Javier Maile left his partner (with a tweet): “A lot of work, let’s stay friends.”

Javier Maile left his partner (with a tweet): “A lot of work, let’s stay friends.”

The love story between Javier Miley and his partner Fátima Flores lasted during the election campaign and a few months of the presidency. The Argentine President announced on his social media page the end love story With the actress famous for her imitations of politicians. “We have decided to end our relationship,” Miley writes on X in the middle of his US tour. the reason? Many work commitments prevent the two from living together and continuing their love story. Hence the decision to remain friends “given how we feel about each other and how much we love, respect and admire each other.” According to what is written on social media, the Argentine president is not the only one among the couple who does not find enough time to devote to his partner. “As a result of her exceptional professional success,” Fatima also received “several job offers in the United States and Europe.”

Clash with Kareena

The relationship between the disheveled Argentine president and his (now former) partner began in August 2023, in the midst of the election campaign, to the point that many thought it was just a simple political marketing operation. Before her relationship with Miley became public knowledge, Fátima Flores achieved success thanks to her imitation of Cristina Kirchner, the Peronist leader and political rival of her future partner. Once their love story was revealed to the Argentines, Fatima became a staple of Miley's election campaign. This is too much for Karina, the sister and extremely powerful right-hand woman of the Argentine president. According to the media in Buenos Aires, Carina was always dissatisfied with the role of her brother's new partner.

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Meeting with Musk

News of the separation between Miley and Florez came in the midst of the Argentine president's trip to the United States, where he received recognition from an extremist Jewish organization in Miami. Yesterday the liberal politician was also able to meet one of his personal idols, billionaire Elon Musk. “For an exciting and motivating future,” the founder of Tesla and SpaceX wrote on social media, posting a photo of their meeting. A tweet to which Miley immediately responded with her slogan: “Long live freedom, damn it!».

On the cover: Argentine President Javier Miley during an event in Miami, Florida (EPA/Cristobal Herrera-Ulashkevich)

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