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'So Big Pharma Can Break Up the World', The Most Extreme Conspiracy Theorist - Libero Quotidiano

‘So Big Pharma Can Break Up the World’, The Most Extreme Conspiracy Theorist – Libero Quotidiano

currently, Tommaso Montanari, the red professor who I love the most Lily Gruber, maramaldeggia even in the most driven plots. Obviously we a half past eightThe program, which is broadcast on La7 episode, is today’s episode, Monday, November 15. And now we’re talking about it Covid, vaccines and no-vaxSomehow, conspiracy theories emerge. By the way, Montanari has long been against the green lane, although not at the front.

“I’m not a fax threatening civil coexistence: If we love them all, we will not only get sick, but cause the health system to collapse,” Montanari premiere. But here he adds: “But I would like the same focus to be reserved for others.” Big pharmaceutical companies, to those who make choices that can disrupt civil coexistence around the world,” he says. In short, pharmaceutical companies can even “disrupt civil coexistence around the world.” Disturbing things, one might say.

To some extent, Montanari’s words are reminiscent of the words of Siegfrido Ranucci, the presenter of the report, which was engulfed in controversy that immediately became political due to the controversial sentence about the third dose of the vaccine, a “pharmaceutical company”. A sentence uttered by Ranucci during one of the episodes of Rai 3 which, as mentioned, has sparked a huge issue and heated controversy.

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