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NASA's creativity filmed the persevering Mars rover during its eleventh flight

NASA’s creativity filmed the persevering Mars rover during its eleventh flight

NASA ingenuity complete it eleventh flight it’s a Mars during Sol 163. As determined by JPL engineers, this shift was necessary to reach a studied area “interesting” to explore. the Drone I entered him operation stage And compare it with the first aircraft, which was of the experimental type (it lasted until the fourth flight).

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Thanks to more than encouraging results obtained throughout the duration of the mission, NASA chose to make Drone anticipate path Mars rover perseverance Thanks to the ability to bypass obstacles by flying. And precisely during the eleventh flight, the helicopter managed to take a picture of the rover a few hundred meters away.

NASA’s creativity continues to visualize the persevering rover

This is not the first time that NASA ingenuity take photo Perseverance in the rover. It has already happened During the third flight (Sol 64) when it was Drone and the rover It was still close enough. also in This issue the Camera Color RTE (back to earth). RTE camera uses a file 13 megapixel known as Sony, more precisely model IMX 214 (Mainly used on cheap tablets and smartphones).

NASA ingenuity

The good news is that after discovering the problem during one of the previous flights, the drone was again able to take color photographs. In the next few days there will be anyway upgrade software Which makes it possible to improve management RTE . camera.

This camera is tilted at an angle of 22 degrees to the horizon, allowing you to frame the Earth below. Although it is not intended to capture video, it can still display a view of Mars It has never been captured before. In this case, in addition to the resumption of dunes and rocks in the area Sittah The persistent rover could be seen from afar.

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currently perseverance Determined to understand why First sampling from the surface Mars Did not complete successfully. Engineers who follow Drone Instead, they are exploring an area that may be their future destination Mars rover, if considered interesting from a geological point of view.

The twelfth flight, which will be carried out soon, will focus not on the total distance, but on the examination of rocky outcrops. The two devices are located approximately 700-800 m apart from each other, and therefore within operating margins of communications (which must be guaranteed up to 1.5 km). The March 2020 mission is still in its infancy and there are many images and satisfaction it can give us.