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It's not a bonus, but it's probably worth €160

It's not a bonus, but it's probably worth €160

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If you find it, you may get the win you have been looking for for a long time. Everyone has the right to that, that's what it's about.

And in an economic period that is not quite as prosperous as the one Italians are facing at the moment, any possibility of being able to get more money becomes really important. A small amount is enough to enable you to breathe a sigh of relief, and the possibility of being able to face expenses in a more relaxed way.

While there are those who do not know where to turn, there are those who, Try your luck and invest in charge cards. From time to time, social media and newspapers talk about new billionaires, about very important gains that, if they do not change your life, can still be of great benefit.

This time the opportunity comes from the government, which is the possibility of obtaining an additional 160 euros for your family budget. After all, a rather small figure, but no less important. Given high inflation, this very small amount would certainly be of great help.

what is he talking about? For something you could probably have inside your home. Some of those reading this may be able to get exactly what they need right now.

Just one coin and you get 160 euros

Wealth contained in a single currency. Those who are passionate about numismatics know very well that there are some coins that can be worth a great fortune. In this particular case, in fact, we are not talking about particularly high amounts, but given the current times, they should not be underestimated either. Only 160 euros.

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In particular, it is a journey from 50 pence issued in 2009. It appears to be worth much more than its face value. It is a ceremonial coin worth a very respectable sum.

50 cents de sterling - Fonte_depositphotos -
50 cents de sterling – Fonte_depositphotos –

250 years since the opening of the Royal Botanic Gardens

The coin in question was minted to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the opening of the Royal Botanic Gardens. The date in question was 1759 And on the side of the coin there was Kane Gardens Temple and the face of Queen Elizabeth.

It is one of the most sought after coins by enthusiasts. The coin in question was sold on eBay for £139, or €162.