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The extreme chic hypocrisy of those who teach the lesson to those who work

The extreme chic hypocrisy of those who teach the lesson to those who work

He would hunt for fake news, but he lied about his degree. Now he will go to Sicily and teach lessons to those who earn their living by serving tourists traveling to Palermo these days. It looks like a “press trip” (as it was called before the era of influencers), going to Sicily to fund a “green” sunscreen and environmental non-profit organization. The plastic example of a progressive hypocrisy that is politically correct.

We are talking Aymen Jane, An economist and serious chic blogger, ended up in a social media grind last year, finding that he had never graduated in economics. After the storm passed, he continued to build (and rebuild) his reputation on social media. “I spend my days searching for news they deserve,” he writes on his Instagram bio. But it certainly doesn’t hate what social networks offer themselves: Visibility. So between the pile of books to give and its copy New York Times “Notes” appear on the hashtag #ad, which identifies photos and advertised posts with companies, brands, coffee machines.

But what happened today to trend on Twitter? In recent days Imen Jan flew to Palermo. Not to mention his nearly 350 thousand followers about an array of solar products designed by the same company to “reduce their impact on the ocean”. He arranged Volunteers join the environmental non-profit organization on beach cleaning days. One of the events that influenced Palermo from Milan and he told stories today. Beyond the goal – of course classic – this is now the classic form of sponsorship on social media: the company seeks visibility through personalities that have an audience, and the influencer acts as a testament, thus reaching an audience other than its own. Of course, those who pay attention to it have every right to choose campaigns to highlight – and we have no doubt that the environmental issue is John’s favorite – but for those who act as a sign of the most transparent and direct information, this system is a little out of place.

It doesn’t stop there. Yes, because the blogger was in the company of his friend and colleague Francesca Mabelli. Both said with surprise, a salesman asked for information about the building where they had the shop, to which they replied that “they were not paid enough to investigate”. What they responded: If she had provided “enough information” she could have had the opportunity to earn three times more than a tour guide. The scene immediately sounds majestic. The result is a social avalanche of accusations of arrogance, high culture, high culture, behaving like someone going on vacation, going to an attractive place to park in tourist spots. In addition to the most common dig: “Aymen Jane advises to read. Nothing, it already makes you laugh like that.” Both attitudes are branded as “cynical” and are common to those who do not realize they are in a privileged situation. It would be even more exciting if those who do so stand as winners of the rights of the youth.

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The brands involved also divided themselves. The environmental nonprofit states that it “does not use influencers” (the cosmetic company is more likely to involve both girls). Even in the brand that Jane invented, the team says “the people you see” …