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“Italy – Türkiye for great football”

“Italy – Türkiye for great football”

After the words of FIFA President Gabriele Gravina regarding the Italy-Turkey match for Euro 2032, confirmations also came from UEFA Board Member Servet Yardimci.

Servet Yardimci said that the joint bid of Turkey and Italy to host the 2032 European Football Championship (Euro 2032) is a great development.

Italy and Turkey for Euro 2032

During his visit to Anadolu Agency, Servette spoke positively about choosing the candidacy of Italy and Turkey for Euro 2032.

New Zealand and Australia co-host the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

The United Kingdom has submitted a bid to host EURO 2028, and England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland have all applied to host the event.

World Cup 2026, although the distance between countries is very long, the United States, Mexico and Canada are competing to give the public the global event.

Portugal, Spain and Morocco are preparing their joint bid for the 2030 World Cup. There is this trend….

The joint candidacy of Turkey and Italy is a very positive step.

Turkey and Italy are two important footballing nations, and both have a great history and cultural heritage.

But of course I can say that we are both very good in terms of infrastructure and facilities.”

“We deserve this great tournament.”

“Our organizational skills and facilities are great, we definitely deserve a great tournament. It is a very valid idea that Turkey and Italy can host Euro 2032 together.

I believe that our relations and cooperation with Italy, both in football and in many different areas, will be further strengthened.

The deadline for bids to host EURO 2032 expired at the end of last year. Therefore, there will be no candidates other than the partnership between Türkiye and Italy for Euro 2032.

In his statement, Servet Yardimsi stressed the following:

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“We were going to compete with Italy for Euro 2032, but with the joint decision on the bid, it made the conflict between the two countries disappear.

This is a very positive development for both countries. For Euro 2032, Türkiye and Italy will decide 5 capitals. A total of 10 cities will have the tournament.

Türkiye and Italy are the most beautiful “dishes” of the Mediterranean. It is very important to have such cooperation. The best solution that will make European football appear.

The tournament hosted by Türkiye and Italy will be the most beautiful tournament in the European Championship. I think it would be a great organization.”

UEFA’s response

Speaking about the process of UEFA announcing the host countries for Euro 2028 and Euro 2032, Yardemci said:

“It is very important that both countries review and complete bid files that meet UEFA rules, standards and expectations by October.

As these files are carefully reviewed and managed, turned into lengthy reports and submitted to the UEFA Governing Council, the European body will have the final say.

I hope that from now on nothing goes wrong. The final decision will be announced at the UEFA meeting in October.

Host cities do not need to be decided until the October meeting. The opening, closing, group and final matches will be held within three years at a later time.”

“Our president’s perspective and support is a great opportunity for Turkey”

Servet Yardimci emphasized the importance of hosting the European Football Championship for Turkey:

“It is not easy to be a candidate to host such major tournaments. The support of our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is very valuable here.

We have a president who loves and loves football. There is always great support for Turkish sports.

It is very important for such large organizations to have political support in the countries. Therefore, our president’s view and support here is a great opportunity for Turkey.

Our president is unique in the world in the construction and construction of stadiums in Turkish football.

No matter where you go in Anatolia today, you will come across excellent stadiums and facilities. Our country is very strong with its stadiums, facilities, modern infrastructure, airports and roads.”

Great football in Türkiye

Pointing out that Turkey has so far hosted many important organizations and has experience, he said:

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“We have hosted the UEFA Champions League Final, the European Champions Cup Final, the UEFA Super Cup Final and the FIFA U-20 World Cup. With excellent results!

We also made the Champions League, Europa League and Conference League draws in Istanbul in the last two years.

Istanbul is the heart of world football and very important to UEFA.

Our other cities are also very important for culture, history and cuisine. With Euro 2032, I am sure it will be important for our country that these cities come to the fore.

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