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Boxing 'Canelo' Alvarez without hitches: beat Saunders by giving up at the end of the eighth round in front of 73,000 spectators - SPORT

Boxing ‘Canelo’ Alvarez without hitches: beat Saunders by giving up at the end of the eighth round in front of 73,000 spectators – SPORT

“He’s just a guy wearing boxing gloves.” Tyson Fury, a nobleman – awaits a reunification match with Anthony Joshua – used this cliche to accuse Billie Joe Saunders. The two, both British Gypsies, are somewhat distantly related, and Fury was in the first row in the ring to instigate his close friend. The problem was that the opponent who wore those gloves was Canelo Alvarez. The reunification of the superworld (acronym for Wbc, Wba, and Wbo, only Ibf who owns the Caleb plant is missing) ends at the end of Round Eight: Alvarez does damage to Saunders’ right eye. Cheekbone fracture). An immediate and wise bulge as the inevitable decision from Boxer Willowen Garden’s angle to shut him down there, in a public riot at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, where only seventy-three thousand seats were functional by Canelo supporters.

Boxing, Canelo Alvarez: Mexico and Glory. Now the challenge with the “bad” Saunders.

By Luigi Panela

Seventy-three thousand for Canelo, a US domestic record

An exceptional audience regardless of the Covid emergency. Just think that for boxing in an indoor facility, it was the third largest audience ever: the other arenas on the podium are occupied by two Joshua matches in the UK. Record instead if the speech is limited to the United States. The previous record, dating back to the second match between Muhammad Ali and Leon Spinks, was defeated at the Super Dome in New Orleans in 1978.

Saunders is a difficult puzzle to solve

The match included eight high-level shots. Saunders (so far he is always the winner in 30 matches), the much-discussed character for many situations that could be revisited, nonetheless showed an impressive personality: from entering the ring, head-to-head with Canelo, to behavior in the ring. The right-footed goalkeeper, quick-footed, out of reach, for more than half of the match did very well with a jab, but also managed to score when the distance was shortened. In short, solving it was a great puzzle for Canelo.

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Canelo closes it with an upright column

However, the Mexican did not collapse, he took the center of the ring, attacking constantly, coldly, waiting for the right moment. When Saunders didn’t get up at the end of the eighth round from the corner, in our opinion the match was balanced, and Canelo was one point ahead. One judge saw the matter slightly differently (2 points), while the others took up the verdict significantly (78-74, exaggerated). “I knew I was going to hurry during the rehearsal between the seventh and eighth rounds – Alvarez commented -. I finally understood that he would not be back in the middle of the ring, because I felt I had spoiled his cheekbones” and then the classic “Viva México” closure to stir the crowd. The next match n was practically announced, directed by organizer Eddie Hearn. With Caleb Blunt, a man with a dramatic history behind him, to close the circle.