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The alphabet of kindness lands in a purple dip

The alphabet of kindness lands in a purple dip

The alphabet of kindness arrives in Moena, in Trentino, where Fiorentina has retreated. It was composed by a group of fans led by Alessio Ramacciotti, a young Tuscan rapper, who dedicated it to David Astori. He also composed the song “O mio capitano” dedicated to the unforgettable player.

The Alphabet of Kindness, linking each letter with a word that nurtures the same kindness, was born in Florence from an idea by Florentine journalist, Gaia Simonetti, the ambassador of Costriamo Gentilesa, a national project coordinated by Luca Nardi.

Among the words that make up the Moina Kindness Alphabet, which displays all the words written in purple (purple is also the color of kindness that also comes from the fusion of red-hearted and blue-mind), there are C from Captain, D for Davide, G for group, F for fair play and S for the team.

July 15, 2022 marked the birth of the alphabet of kindness in sports, compiled by Silvia Salles, Vice President of CONI.

The Costruiamo Gentilezza project, in particular, is carried out by a team of women and men throughout Italy for nearly 1,500 builders of goodness, including 186 members of the Council of Kindness.

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