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Check Juno, flybys of Ganymede and Jupiter have been reconstructed in a video sequence

Check Juno, flybys of Ganymede and Jupiter have been reconstructed in a video sequence

June 7, this happened Close encounter between NASA’s Juno probe and Jupiter GanymedeIt is a more unique occasion than a rare occasion during which it was made Some of the most beautiful images available today of this moon. while passing Juno probe It sped at a speed of 67,000 km / hectare about 1,038 km from the surface of Ganymede! Just a day after Juno’s flight I took it on a very fast flight for Jupiter, passing in less than 3 hours from one pole to the other for the gas giant.

Of course it wasn’t a flight per se, and during the flight, the imaging device mounted on the probe collected data and images, making it so interesting that it pays NASA to createAnimation video allowing us Relive the flight as if we were on it, The view of the spacecraft captain, as the space agency claims!

To create this beautiful 3.30-minute clip, digital spheres were used in which Ganymede and Jupiter’s photomontages were applied. And to complete the work, no beautiful soundtrack could be missing, as a piece of Vangelis was chosen.

The sequence shows us flying over Ganymede, where we will be able to see the Great Crater of Cross and different regions of the satellite. Some areas appear darker, the reason is not clear but it is assumed that this is related to the phenomenon of sublimation of ice in a vacuum. This is followed by the phase of approaching Jupiter during which we will be actually taken to an altitude of 3400 km.

During the experiment, we will be able to observe details such as polar cyclones in the Arctic, the eight mega-storms in the southern hemisphere, and some digital goodies added later, such as the lightning we can witness during a nearby passage over the most volatile regions of Jupiter. We leave you to watch the beautiful video, enjoy!

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