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Italian Stories, Moro Romano Sheikh Al Habtoor?  "How I Recognized It", Mother's Exciting Blast - Libero Codidiano

Italian Stories, Moro Romano Sheikh Al Habtoor? “How I Recognized It”, Mother’s Exciting Blast – Libero Codidiano

Francesco Fredella

That shake really Moro Romano? A mystery is never solved, it makes everyone breathless. In the summer of 1977, little Moro was abducted in Raquel, Sorrento. Today that child may be a rich shake living in the UAE Mohammed Al Habtoor. The story goes on to speak again Eleonora Daniel With its morning show, Italian stories. Muro’s parents and attorney are involved in this, and he has focused more on the case through his defensive investigations. Ms. Bianca asks for a DNA test to understand if the sheikh could actually be her son Moro.

“In the films I identified two scars: One on her eyebrow, the other on her right hand, she got with the iron. These are some of the details that are common between Moro and this man, which cannot be just coincidences. We are ready to go to Dubai, but we cannot go there alone. We went as far as we were allowed, ”says the woman. But Shake, until now, He always refused To undergo DNA testing.

Recently The Courier della sera He said investigators were able to find the investigation into the alleged abduction of Moro Romano: An ex-barber, Is now 79 years old (the GIP must decide the charge). A man who was close to the Romano family in the seventies Muro called him “Uncle”. According to the attorney’s office reconstruction, the day he went missing, he had to go upstairs to take the baby to his summer home. He then gives it to two men (whose identity is still unknown).

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