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"Find out what really happened to Pucha."  The storm is blowing in love

“Find out what really happened to Pucha.” The storm is blowing in love

A declaration of love for what happened புச்சா, A city on the outskirts of Kiev, has unleashed a real bootlegger, and many left-wing personalities have risen up against the National League of Italian Parties. In fact, in its latest statements, Anbi strongly condemned the facts, but said it was still waiting for a full investigation to understand what actually happened in the city located in the Kiev region. That was enough to provoke the angry reaction of the likes of Milan Triennale’s leader Stefano Boeri and MicroMega’s director Paolo Flores D’Arcais.

In its statement, Theஅன்பி “Pucha strongly condemns the massacre, the UN-led International Commission of Inquiry is pending and has representatives from neutral countries, what actually happened, why it happened, and who is responsible.”. But it is “What Really Happened” Bori and Flores d’Arcais, who strongly condemn the National Participations Association, do not like them. Paulo Flores de Arcais also speaks. “Shame“Dear, all you have to do is look at the pictures and ask for testimonies to know what really happened in Pucha.”I’m ashamedBori, the son of the party, was also declared.

After the request to withdraw the Isiah Award for convict Tony Kapuso, according to some skeptics about the photos of corpses on the streets of Pucha, now ends in the eye of the storm is love and its message. . Already some federations, such as Milan and Bologna, have expressed dissatisfaction with the party’s statements. “There is dissatisfaction in the sections, I would not have written like thatAnna Kochi, the leader of Anbi Bologna, commented Republic. More clearly Roberto Senati, President of Anbi Milano: “Equal distance is not allowed“.

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As for the former senator of the Republic Gianfranco PacliaruloAnother member of the left, he said Handle That “With almost all certainty it was the Russians. This does not eliminate the need for the Commission to ensure the specific responsibilities of the Commander or other officers.“. It is still:”On April 25, we will march with peace flags and the flags of Ukraine: they will be welcomed.“.

Massimo Pisca, the leader of Anbi Genoa, also takes a clear stand: “It is clear to me that it was the Russians. Putin’s friends in Italy are on the right from Berlusconi to Salvini, not in our field“Carlo Smuraglia, a former party member and former leader of Anbi, has distanced himself from the note issued by the association:”I could not deal with it. I know nothing about it“.

Fosto Receipt, A Democrat deputy, instead goes for a direct attack. “Anbi is led by a former pro-Soviet member of the PTCI“, He wrote in a post.”An international commission is needed before the Russians can be blamed for Pucha’s atrocities. Like, I can not accept.“, He added.

In short, the line is clear. For their part, the Russians deny all the allegations and speak out instead of provoking the West. In a recent statement, a spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakarova Talked about pictures “Criminal lying“Developed to prevent peace talks and increase sanctions. Russia says there is evidence that Russian troops have nothing to do with what happened in Pucha.”The perpetrators will be attackedAccording to the Adkronos report, Zakarova promised.

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