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Iraq: Missiles on an American base: “There are wounded”

Iraq: Missiles on an American base: “There are wounded”

The United States confirmed the news Missiles It targeted a base hosting American forces in Iraq. It appears from preliminary information that there are wounded, and some of them may be Americans. “At approximately 6.30pm (Baghdad time) on January 20, Iranian-backed militants launched several ballistic missiles in western Iraq, targeting Al Asad Air Base. The base's air defense systems intercepted most of the missiles, while others fell on the baseThe General Command confirmed.

The damage is assessed. A number of US employees are being evaluated for head injuries. At least one Iraqi military service member was also injured“, is the memorandum issued onFollower The biggest attack In terms of the number of missiles since the start of operations“affiliated with the so-called Islamic Resistance in Iraq, an alliance of armed Iraqi Shiite groups supported by Tehran. The same media platform reported yesterday afternoon,”Piles of smoke above the base of Ain al-AssadHe posted an accompanying video showing what actually appears to be the effects of some missiles in the sky.

But in these hours, Tehran relaunched the news about A Satellites They were launched into orbit which, according to some Western sources, could be intended to improve the accuracy of ballistic missiles. State television reported that the launch was within the framework of the American space program Iran's Revolutionary Guards. The United States had previously said that the launch of Iranian satellites constituted a challenge to the United Nations Security Council resolution. For this reason, they called on Tehran not to undertake any activity related to ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear weapons.

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