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Investigation into emissions of ex-Ilva, carabinieri at factory – News

Investigation into emissions of ex-Ilva, carabinieri at factory – News

The carabinieri of the operational and ecological division of Lecce visited the offices and premises of the Taranto steel plant yesterday, following an order to obtain related documents. emissions, specifically in the coke plant area and for benzene, which was ordered by public prosecutors Mariano Buccoliro and Francesco Ciardo. The news was published by Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno. This initiative, as far as we know, is part of the investigation I assume Environmental pollution offences and throwing hazardous materials.

In recent months, several specific benzene peaks have been recorded, reported by Arpa Puglia, although not exceeding the limit value set by the standard. Precisely because of these events, on May 22 last year, Taranto Mayor Rinaldo Melucci signed a decree to close the hot zone in the absence of interventions to reduce emissions. After an appeal by Acciaierie d'Italia and Ilva in As, the issue came to the attention of the Regional Administrative Court of Lecce, which granted a stay and postponed any resolution pending a ruling by the European Court of Justice on the related issue. Benzene pollution levels are hazardous to health.

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