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Instagram knows everything about you!  Here’s how to protect your privacy once and for all

Instagram knows everything about you! Here’s how to protect your privacy once and for all

Instagram, like many other social media platforms, tracks user activities not only within its app but also across other sites and apps that are part of Meta Technologies.

This tracking is mainly intended for Personalize ads Based on user habits and preferences. However, many are concerned about their privacy and are looking for ways to limit this monitoring. Fortunately, Instagram offers some options to manage and block tracking. The first step to protecting your privacy on Instagram is to log in “Your work outside of Meta Technologies” section.. To do this, open the Instagram app on your mobile device. Go to your profile by clicking on the person icon at the bottom right. Once you enter your profile, you will find three horizontal lines at the top right; Click on it to open the menu.

All social networks track what you do on the web, but you can protect your data – (Source Canva)

In the menu that appears, select “Settings” and then enter the “Security” section. Here you will find the option “Your work is outside of Meta Technologies”. By entering this section you will see a list Activity collected by Instagram from other apps and websites. To separate this information from your Instagram account, you will need to click “Unlink specific activity” and proceed with the manual removal of each individual entry in the list.

Manage future tracking

After cleaning the information already collected by Instagram, it is important Take measures for the future too. Go back to the previous section and find the “Manage future activity” option. Here you will find the option to completely disable tracking of your future external activities.

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Apps like Instagram monitor you to serve you targeted ads – (Source Pixabay)

By activating the “Unlink” option, you will prevent Instagram from linking your future visits to other websites or using other applications with your Instagram account. This means that the information was collected elsewhere They will not be used to personalize ads In your Instagram feed or stories.

Blocking tracking completely can have some side effects, such as receiving less relevant ads or losing some personalized features on your social platform. However, many users find these sacrifices worth it for one Greater protection of their privacy. It is important to remember that no procedure is foolproof and constant vigilance is necessary to keep your personal data safe in the digital age. Settings may change with future app updates; So it’s good practice Check them periodically.

In conclusion, while social media platforms like Instagram provide unique opportunities for social and professional networking, it is essential to be aware of the potential risks related to online privacy. Act proactively To reduce it as much as possible.