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Spain finally approves an amnesty law for Catalan independence activists – News

Spain finally approves an amnesty law for Catalan independence activists – News

“In politics, as in life, tolerance is stronger than resentment.” This was commented by Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez Final approval of an amnesty for those involved in the Catalan separatist operation. “Spain today is more prosperous and more united than in 2017,” Sanchez declared, the year in which independence was unilaterally declared in the region, following a separatist referendum. And that “coexistence opens the way.”

The controversial legislation paves the way for former President Carles Puigdemont’s return to SpainIt was repaired abroad in October 2017.

“It’s not a good day for democracy.” This was stated by a leader Conservative People’s Party, Alberto Nunez Viejo, arrives at Congress to attend the congressional session. “Today politicians pardon politicians,” said People’s Party spokesman Borja Semper. while That’s from PsoPatxi Lopez said the law “opens a new era of harmony so that there is a government in Catalonia dedicated to solving citizenship problems.”

For his part, Parliament spokesman Dr Catalan Republican Left Gabriel Ruffian (ERC) said that after the legislation is approved, judges will have to implement it, and he expected that “the judicial path will be complex” to implement the law.

video Spain finally approves an amnesty law for Catalan independence activists

For the official spokesman Basque Independence Party EH-BilduJohn Iñárritu said: “Today an exceptional law of great importance will be passed that eliminates the great injustice caused by excessive repression.” “It is a necessary tool for a better scenario that attempts to resolve the conflict through politics,” he added. In the same line, the representative said: Moderate Basque Nationalist Party (PNV), Miquel Legarda, who defended the amnesty as a “political initiative” that jeopardizes “neither the separation of powers” ​​in the state, “nor the independence of the judiciary, nor the equality of Spaniards.”

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“This law is not an amnesty or clemency, it is a victory. A democratic and collective victory.” So said Miriam Nogueira, spokeswoman The Gent Party, which supports Catalan independenceIn the room, Carles Puigdemont defended the approval of an amnesty for those involved in the trial of Catalan separatists. He added, “We would not have reached this extremism if the Spanish state had been cohesive” and had not “participated with the Popular Party in unilaterally suppressing” the independence referendum. “We are not terrorists or criminals,” he concluded, amid protests from opposition MPs from the People’s Party and Vox.

Leader of the The far-right Vox partyIn the debate on approving the amnesty law, Santiago Abascal said it was “the worst act of political corruption we have seen so far.” He accused Pedro Sanchez’s progressive government of wanting to remain in power. “We don’t know whether he will thank his ministers and members of his family or whether Sanchez will thank himself,” said Abascal, who also criticized the executive over the diplomatic crisis with Argentine President Javier Miley and the recognition of the state of Palestine. Criticisms directed at Prime Minister Meloni and sending weapons to Ukraine.

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