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Vasseur: “Positive development of the SF-24, will be updated as soon as possible”

Vasseur: “Positive development of the SF-24, will be updated as soon as possible”

After the Monaco Grand Prix, Formula 1 is preparing to land in Canada, where, in just over 7 days, the ninth round of a season that has already seen two victories for Ferrari, one for McLaren and “only” five for Reed. bull. A very different distance from the undisputed dominance of Christian Horner’s side last season. The progress made by the teams Frederic Vasseur And Andrea Stella is there for all to see, but we can’t stop. “In Formula One, even when you do well, you have to work to do better. If you feel like you’ve arrived, you’re dead.” The Ferrari team principal said without mincing words. The upcoming races could give a clearer idea of ​​what kind of season awaits us, since we will race on different, very technical and reference circuits such as Barcelona and Silverstone as well.

Vasseur: “Clear hierarchy, top teams and values ​​can easily change”

The values ​​we saw on the track speak of a convergence between the big three teams – Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren – who have received a certain margin from Mercedes and Aston Martin. “If we look at Miami, Imola and Monaco, we are talking about a difference of a few tenths.” Vasseur commented. In Maranello, after the progress made over the winter, which actually led to a recovery against Milton Keynes, they introduced a big package of innovations at Imola that allowed them to close this gap even further, Which in Imola was worth twenty and a half tenths, According to Ferrari itself, as analyzed during the latest report Twitch the snake. McLaren itself, with the Miami updates, has managed to move much closer to the top of the performance rankings, with Andrea Stella revealing in Monte Carlo how The MCL38 has improved beyond expectations in some of its features, Especially in slow turns.

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In the third year of these regulations we witness a Convergence of values ​​and ideasThis is something that can be expected, which now opens the possibility of seeing more than one team winning stage victories. “Championship? We don’t have to think about it. Ferrari must maintain its approach and try to improve race after race.” said the Ferrari team principal, preferring to focus on the near future, without looking too far ahead. The values ​​are very close and this also means that the positions at the top can change at any time “Today you are in first place, and tomorrow you can be in sixth place, as we saw with Verstappen.” Speaking of upcoming events, Ferrari is not starting out as a joke. I have good feelings about Montreal: “It will be a different and somewhat atypical circuit, with many corners and slow bumps to attack, but with very high top speeds and low load settings.” Vasseur said. Then we’ll move to Montmelo, Barcelona’s famous Spanish circuit where pre-season testing was held until a few years ago. “When we were testing, we already had a basic setup ready. Now it’s a little different. Barcelona has a good mix of corners and is strict with the tyres, but I don’t think the values ​​will be disturbed compared to the first eight races.“. Vasseur said.

How Ferrari changed its approach to developments

Frédéric Vasseur recently spoke about the different approach his team has taken this season, focusing more on racing. “This was the result of last season’s analyses. In qualifying we were competitive, but on Sunday we lost a lot of points and that’s why we decided to take a different approach this year.”. It’s not just about preparation, it’s about how the team prepares for the entire weekend. This sacrificed the SF-24’s qualifying pace slightly, but the results proved the team right, showing excellent work by the technical office led by Enrico Cardel. Moreover, this convergence that is occurring also makes it more complicated for engineers to find very significant gains in the simulator, as well as being a very complex process already as demonstrated by Aston Martin and Mercedes, who are still intent on solving their problems.

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“When you bring an update, you should also evaluate how that might change the setup, and maybe make you miss something on that aspect. You then have to think about when you want to bring it in, whether there’s a Sprint, whether The track is suitable, and whether you can get the parts ready in time with the budget cap, there are many variables to take into consideration.” Vasseur explained. According to the Frenchman, in fact, given the narrow gaps, Working to understand the single seater, especially with regard to setup, can provide significant advantages that are more than just updates. Despite this, work continues in Maranello. As expected, the second package of new features will be introduced around Silverstone Grand PrixWith work to understand the updates to Imola that will be completed in the upcoming races “We introduced some new features a week ago, so it is too early to talk about new updates. But we are continuing to push. We have to make sure that we provide track solutions that can provide us with a decent profit. Development work gives us additional income so we will provide updates as soon as possible. The French TP concluded in this regard.