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Inspirational journalist at the conference

Inspirational journalist at the conference

London, UK) I don’t know if I will returnBriton Andy Murrayduring the press conference at the end of the endless fight – of 5 sets, 3 of them in tie-break, which lasted two days due to bad weather – lost to Stefanos Tsitsipas, announcing the possibility of Imminent withdrawal from the world tennis circuit.

to make the situation more impactfulSo it was the gestures, the body language and the emotional breakdown of the Scottish tennis player himself, who bowed his head, put his hands to his face and moved visibly, He tried to resume talking, but to no avail.

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Murray Coe with Tsitsipas, The Mistake at Wimbledon and Passion

The trigger was one episode in particular, which was remembered by a journalist present in the press room. Go two sets to 1, 30-15 in the ninth inning (in segment 4-4), and with serve for Tsitsipas, the whistle blows for the Scotsman Outside of which, as replays show, it was not at all. Murray noticed this immediately, but did not want to “waste” the challenge, a choice that – in retrospect – could be seen as decisive for the match. Then, after a few seconds of great pity, he said again: “This is obviously frustrating because I remember it. It was an accidental backhand comeback, I probably would have won the match“.

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