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Increased salaries for about 500,000 workers: new amounts for these categories

Increased salaries for about 500,000 workers: new amounts for these categories

Great news for about 500,000 workers: wages are rising. Here are all the new amounts and the affected categories.

The year 2024 has started in the best possible way economically for millions of citizens residing in Italy. In fact, significant improvements have been announced in terms of the quantities that can be enjoyed nationally. Starting with pensions which, due to the incorporation of the IRPEF rate, will be able to enjoy a significant increase in salary slip from April.

Increase the salaries of 500,000 workers in 2024 –

But not only because, according to what appeared, there is also important news in this regard Some categories of workers. In particular, for the 500,000 such residents of our country, there will soon be some Salary increases. Here are who the interested parties are and what the new updated amounts are This is crazy news and has already got everyone excited. This way you will have all the information you need.

Increasing the wages of 500,000 workers: Who are the affected groups?

For about 500 thousand workers Across Italy, salaries are expected to increase in the coming weeks. Great news that will allow families who are particularly struggling to afford all their monthly expenses more lightly. But be careful because, as expected, there are only some groups affected by this important change.

Categories affected by salary increases in 2024 –

In particular, an increase will be predicted Two main steps. The first recognition will already arrive january voucher, While for the second it will be necessary to wait April. Then we will have to wait for the new contract to be able to determine all the salary increases when they are fully implemented, as well as the amount of arrears. Everyone is interested He works in the mechanical area Ccnl CraftsmenAs the unions announced in recent days.

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In particular those who belong to one of them 4 categories: Mechanics – systems installation, dental technicians, goldsmiths and silversmiths, artistic restoration of cultural heritage. Expected salary increase is 6.6% In the new year in preparation for renewing the contract. In terms of amounts, we can assume an increase for a fourth-class employee Total 96 euros.

Divided into two tranches, first payment 50% From December 1, 2023 It is visible on the January payment slip. And a second 50% for around €46 instead From April 2024. to Trainees Instead, the calculation rates in effect at the time of disbursing the increase will be applied. to Part-time workersThe calculation will be made taking into account proportionality criteria.