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Del Ayote, Renzi: 'Managers' salary cap has been blown up'

Del Ayote, Renzi: ‘Managers’ salary cap has been blown up’

One of my followers asked me why The salary cap for general managers has been abolished? This was a roof I had built. Today the government did this reformulation and we had no alternative but to vote for it to prevent everything from going over and skipping 17 billion in aid to families…”. detect it Matthew Renzi In the Facebook link from the Senate.

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“The issue of constitutional reforms will certainly return in the next legislature with all due respect to those who have said this is our focus…” adds the Italian leader, FIFA.

elections – “Our challenge is to get the third pole level up to 10%. Let’s see if we succeed, it’s a game that depends on each of us. If we win, Italy will win with Draghi. If the right wins, there are Meloni…” says Renzi. Latest shot by Emiliano: I find it a hallucinatory style… It’s not my style, it’s not the style I want to imagine in any election campaign. We will also be in Puglia to say we are different from Emiliano…”, he adds.

Giorgia Meloni said the free flight is over for Europe… Dear Giorgia, if there was no Europe, you would get 209 billion euros by printing money on Monopoli… So before you speak badly of ‘Europe, try to make an effort to understand Being pro-European today is the real way to be patriotic. And I think continuing to attack Europe may lead to some votes being made in the election campaign, but in the long run it will hurt this country,” he says again.

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