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In the next few days, it will rain more on Monday, then a serious disturbance comes from the Immaculate Conception »

Weather: Next few days, more rain on Monday, then a serious mess from Immaculate Conception.

New bad weather is coming for the ImmaculateAtmospheric instability is high in the next few days A strong confusion will come over Italy and from the Immaculate Conception.

For a few weeks, the weather in our country could not find peace for a few days before bad weather. In fact it is a continuous succession of Atlantic Oceans, which affect most of Italy from north to south in alternating phases. One of these, very fast, is expected at the start New week And it will mainly hit the northern and central parts, but will run away very quickly in the morning. Instead the rest of the country can get a break from the rain.

in between Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th The Mediterranean region will take a breather, although the atmosphere of our country will still be disturbed by scattered clouds, and some possible rain showers especially for the central regions where a very uncertain weather environment is expected.

But our focus is on the turning point of the Immaculate Conception ceremony When a new Strong disturbance It will begin to threaten our country during the day, especially between afternoon and evening clouds and rain will hit practically the entire northern and most central regions, especially the Tyrrhenian sector. This will be another occasion for significant snowfall in the Alps, even at relatively low altitudes, near average 700/800m.
In fact, the attached map shows the distribution and accumulation of rain expected for the day December 8 Thursday. In colored areas Fuchsia Accumulations will also reach 100 mm among them dark blue Expected overall up to 40 mm While in zones Light blue / pale blue accumulations are decidedly less.Rainfall forecast for Thursday, December 8Rainfall forecast for Thursday, December 8

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On the other hand, the south will be enveloped in a calm weather environment, except for some light showers during the first part of the day. Here you can enjoy very mild conditions due to the stability of Sirocco winds.

Ahead of the weekend looks set to take shape once again under the sign of bad weather, particularly in northern and central Italy.
In short, even that seems obvious New week The atmosphere is far from showing signs of stability and if all is confirmed, the weekend also seems destined for unsettled weather.
But we will give more details about this in next updates.