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"Right reactionary ...", "Surreal".  Question and answer between Boltrini and Meloni

“Right reactionary …”, “Surreal”. Question and answer between Boltrini and Meloni

Laura Boldrini, PD Vice-Chairman and Chair of the Chamber Committee on Human Rights in the World, he was a guest on Piazepulida aired on La7, where he slammed the leader of the Italian Brothers: “Is this a modern right led by Georgia Maloney? I will say no. It’s a Reactionary rightDark-eyed, non-European, non-liberal, unwilling to exclude himself from extremism and always anti-civil rights.“.

Laura Boldrini’s words provoked the reaction of Georgia Meloni, who responded in a video to a point made by a Democratic spokeswoman: “This nice little screen that aired on Piazzapulita yesterday deserves comment. It is surreal from beginning to end“, The head of the Italian brethren responded. Georgia Meloni then continued:”Popular Democrats say on television that Fdi will not be able to rule if he wins the election democratically. I mean, I’m starting to make a recommendation Enrico Letta Changing the name of this party because it starts out a little weird and ridiculous.“.

Meloni adds: “Because Fdi is a Liberal Party. Why is it a liberal party? Opposed to land register reform, the government is opposed to confiscating bathrooms, auctioning off companies and giving them to foreign multinationals. That is, we are liberals, we can not rule because we do not want to tax houses, we are liberals, we think we can not hijack a company that respects the rules provided by the Italian government after investing. Regular suspects are strong forces

The leader of the Italian Brothers then continued, commenting on the attitude taken by the conductor of Piazepulida: “First point: Corrado Formically Boltrini, a political representative of the Democratic Party that chaired the far-left chambers, was asked if Meloni and the FTI could rule if they won the election. This is already fun …“Georgia Meloni then went on to comment to Piazepulida’s moderator:”Because if you ask it is one thing: Do you think they will rule for better or worse … No, they ask you, can the Fdi and Meloni rule even if the Italians have to vote for them? They ask this question to Boldrini, an FTI opponent, which is a surreal thing …“.

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