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``In the middle of a snowstorm, the brakes didn't work'

“In the middle of a snowstorm, the brakes didn’t work’

Elettra Lamborghini and her husband Afrojack, returning from France on a private plane, experience moments of panic during the flight.

unexpected trip to Lamborghini Eletra and her husband Afrojack. The couple, returning from a romantic getaway in Paris, boarded a hotel A private jet Only to find themselves immersed in a snowstorm that threatens their safe landing.

The Lamborghini Eletra, the fear on board the private plane: what happened?

Lamborghini Eletra and her husband Afrojack They allowed themselves a few relaxing days in Paris, having always spent the summer traveling for business and other reasons. And the beautiful heiress stepped up the charts with a blow.”caramelShe intends to focus on her career, repeating to everyone who wants to know when the couple decides to expand their family they want to wait, focusing on working like their better half.

The journey of the young and radiant couple went very well, while returning home with A private jet It was a real disaster and put you in great danger electra And the Afrojack. singer who prepares for I’m back on TV with a new show on SkyHe said what happened, and documented it Instagram.

“In the middle of the flight it was quite calm, we were calm. We started going down trying to avoid the storm. We find ourselves in the middle of the storm and it starts pouring very hard. We landed on the runway in the middle of the snowstorm and the pilot started screaming “the brakes don’t work.” We hit the grass that And, thank God, he didn’t turn us around but slowed us down.”

electra She was so afraid for her safety that she risked crashing into a private plane due to the bad weather that greeted her and the brake problem. Fortunately, they are all fine after the big horror.

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