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Confartigianato: 881 thousand SMEs at risk, 3.5 million jobs – Economy

“The high cost of energy puts at risk 881,264 small and micro enterprises with 3,529,000 employees, equivalent to 20.6% of employment in the Italian entrepreneurial system.” Convertigianato calculates this by analyzing the “widespread and increasingly heavy impact of the crazy rush of gas and electricity prices on companies in 43 sectors” in conjunction with the launch of a series of meetings today with political leaders in light of the vote. President Marco Granelli warned: “We risk corporate carnage. We need immediate interventions but also equally rapid structural reforms to control energy prices and avert an unprecedented crisis.”
Regionally, Confartiganato estimates that “The area most exposed to the catastrophic effects of high energy costs on the employment of small businesses is Lombardy: 139,000 companies with 751,000 employees are at risk. No better for Veneto with 77,000 employees. Small businesses suffer – companies It employs 376,000 employees.
In the back are Emilia-Romagna (72,000 small companies with 357,000 employees), Lazio (79,000 companies and 304,000 employees), Piedmont with 62,000 companies with 262,000 employees, Campania (77,000 companies with 240,000 employees), Tuscany with 63,000 companies and 228,000 employees, Puglia ( 57,000 small companies and 177,000 employees) and Sicily (63,000 companies with 165,000 employees)”.

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