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In Nebraska (USA) it flies at 4.35

In Nebraska (USA) it flies at 4.35

This will never stop surprising Virginia Cortonson. The 23-year-old athlete from Atletico Silca Gonegliano once again flew high in the polar box. This time it rose to 4.35, his personal best (signed a week ago) by 10 centimeters. Trevizo, who holds a degree in Kinesiology (Fitness and Rehabilitation Science) from the University of Washington in Tobago, Kansas, is set to continue enrolling in 2021. After winning the auction at the MIAA Outdoor Championship (a point match between various universities) on Saturday, May 8, he returned to compete in the Nebraska Girney over the weekend, crossing the 4.35m mark. Jump activity in the United States ranks eighth on the Italian auction list of all time. In a few months, the student has improved his records to almost 40 centimeters and has now become one of the special Italians.

“This is the last race before the national players scheduled for two weeks – comments Scordon – I entered at 3.91 (ended in the second tab), then first at 4.06, then I crossed the 4.16 level, jumping straight at 4.26, crossing on the second attempt. 4.35 came to the premiere. Second We stopped precautionarily at 4.40 in the attempt.Now the goal is the national final.I am at the top of the season lists with 4.35, I have the best performance in Division 2 but you know, every race is unique.We hope it will be another race in the national final and improve.My coach Rick Attic is very pleased with the progress we have made, but is not completely satisfied. ”

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In the indoor season, Scordenson won silver in the final of the NCAA Division II Indoor Championship. At the end of May, he will return to Michigan for the NCAA Outdoor Finals. He will then return to Italy, where full Italian championships await, scheduled for June 25-27 in Roveretto. Scordanson has already worn the blue jersey three times, competed in the 2017 European Under-20 Championships in Crossetto, winning two Italian titles, three silver and three bronze in the student, junior and promise categories.

“Our Virginia continues to perform well from race to race – the leader of Atletica Silca Gonegliano – Francesco Pikkin – is enjoying a golden age that we hope will continue in Italy, the stage where she can finally take action. We look forward to meeting her again in the United States now. There will be an important meeting, which will be a complete triangular twist. However, he has already won with a series of improvements in personal bests, finishing in the top ten so far in this 4.35 auction.