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Migrant crisis in Ceuta, European Union Commission: “We do not allow ourselves to be afraid of anyone”


Ceuta, the Spanish enclave of Morocco, in less than two days At least 8,000 immigrants arrived (Including teenagers, women and children), Spain deployed the army and sent half of it. It is located at about a An unprecedented crisisWith Madrid managing a very large number of arrivals in a territory of no more than 85,000 people: migrants arrived in the enclave after crossing the border illegally, which is usually armored, especially on the Moroccan side.

But from Saturday night to Sunday, border guards in Rabat are accustomed He suddenly stopped patrolling the areaThus, more and more people were able to overcome the barriers separating the beaches of Ceuta from the Moroccan beaches, and they reached the enclave in all possible ways: some of them swimming, some in a canoe, and some of them climbing the slopes. A young man died Before being able to reach Spanish territory, while A newborn baby was rescued at sea By the Spanish Civil Guard.

Morocco’s position, which seems inexplicable, did not surprise everyone in Spain: there are indeed those who suspect it to be so. Revenge from Rabat For the Madrid decision to allow the admission of Ibrahim Ghali, the leader of the Polisario Front, the independence movement of Western Sahara, to the Iberian hospital Morocco considers it an enemy.

Officially, the Sanchez government denies that there is a connection between the events of Ceuta and the hospital in Ghali, explaining that “Morocco is a friendly country to Spain and should be so in the future.” Actions that have consequences And you have to accept them. ”A comment that looks like one Confirms suspicion Instead there is a connection. And Brussels is also clearly thinking this way, to the point that it is clear, from the voice of the Vice-Chair of the Commission, that Europe “does not allow itself to be afraid.”

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