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In Luano, States General Tourism - Eco de Savona

In Luano, States General Tourism – Eco de Savona

It was held in the presence of the Minister of Tourism Garavaglia, the Honorable Sarah Foscolo and Eduardo Rixi, Senator Paulo Ripamonte, Mayor of Luno Luigi Binuca, members of the Regional Administration, European Parliament Marco Campuminossi and sector operators, the General States of Tourism Meeting.

“I thank Minister Garavaglia,” declared Mayor Pignocca, “saying we need to start over but we need answers for the future; the main thing is to arrange the roads.”

Similar words from Angelo Berlangeri, President of the Regional Hotel Association: “I sincerely thank all who spoke, saying that we need to start over to be more competitive; however, it is imperative that you be credible so that your vacation can be enjoyed in the best possible way. It is to allow operators to operate but it must be done with clear rules; help is needed in progress such as increasing the number of employees when self-financing fails. Accommodation facilities need to be competitive and it is imperative to solve the infrastructure problem through the creation of Carcare-Predosa, the doubling of the railways and the conclusion of Aurelia bis All necessary work must be started and rehabilitated when necessary. “

Fabrizio Fasciolo assured the entertainment sector that “as of 23 February 2020, dance clubs are closed,” and we would like the safety protocol presented by the operators to be approved. Although we closed last year, we were required to pay the state rent for 2020. ‘

“We want sustainable development,” says the representative of non-hotel activities, “and remote areas will provide many opportunities for the entire sector.”

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“Even if we are few, we are achieving important numbers and in 2020 we have suffered big losses,” highlights the Director of Overseas Accommodation Facilities, “the new fire prevention law provides for steps that we cannot meet this year in the specified manner. We are requesting an extension to be ready in In 2022, even if the sector grows, we need support. “

“This tourist season is the last hope for many operators,” the Honorable Eduardo Rixi recalls, “But the cause of the problems is the epidemic and the road conditions in Liguria. During the lockdown last year, it was possible to do work that was not carried out, but our area must be accessible. Recovery assists and the resources in it but the highway sector is not included.

“Salvini has always asked Prime Minister Draghi to pay attention to the tourism sector,” European Parliament member Marco Campuminossi resumes, “But the real need is to reform state property to implement the Hundred Law. Luca Lettieri is an excellent candidate for mayor in the upcoming municipal elections in Luano and the entire center-right can be. Meet it because it’s a good name. “

“Tourism is a unique supply chain, and I would like to see that Liguria has both the sea and the mountains; the food and wine sector grew last year and the remote areas had important potential. We are calling for an extension of the fire prevention law but we need to think about development and speed; starting tomorrow , Those who come to Italy from the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom and the European Union will not have to be quarantined.Tourism operators produce a significant portion of Italy’s GDP, and the entertainment sector has had to suffer major biases without thinking that there are people making a living from these. Jobs; one of the most important things is to cancel the curfew which I hope will take place soon. 5 billion euros will be allocated to tourism by the recovery which will be used to repair the structures but clear and simple rules are needed; we also need to reduce the contributions of the sector employees and the long-term financing is a crazy opportunity Minister Garavaglia concludes.

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