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Imu alarm goes off at home

Imu alarm goes off at home

It is increasingly clear that the implementation of reform on land registration To avoid a staggering increase in taxes, interest rates on financial transactions will have to be adjusted downward. If it stays the same currently, i.e. 0.76% reference rate and 1.14% cap, Italian taxpayers risk being drained. However, when embarking on a new land registry, some criteria for determining the value of real estate for tax purposes will change. In particular, the subdivision into municipal areas will be changed; Small areas will be created with the same rents, in addition, with regard to the calculation of the surfaces of residential real estate, this will be carried out in square meters, unlike what is currently happening, with a system cadastral rooms. Thus, the properties themselves will be defined as ordinary and special.

The biggest fear for taxpayers, however, remains the prospect of tax increases, another fear that would weigh heavily in the pockets of Italians. It has not yet been decided on how to operate emo rates And about the so-called stabilization of revenue, which in practice means creating disparities in different municipalities with regard to the payment of taxes. As I mentioned before Corriere della Sera, it will be necessary to understand whether revenue stabilization is to be considered at the national or municipal level. This choice will clearly affect the consequences on the national territory, even if, one way or another, it is the citizens who always lose.

L ‘Revenue stability At the national level, this may involve a significant increase in taxes in some municipalities and a decrease in others, which may end with no money on hand. On the other hand, constancy at the municipal level means committing injustice, with protests and complaints. Even regarding the taxes to be paid for the first home, the ideas are still not entirely clear. Prime Minister Mario Draghi has repeatedly stated that he does not want to tax them, but the land registry reform could cause some fundamental changes, causing the categories of people who do not currently pay to IMU to change, with further harm to landlords.

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