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"Immigrants? I'm not letting them in".  Lamorghese washes his hands

“Immigrants? I’m not letting them in”. Lamorghese washes his hands

There is a huge increase Immigrants Compared to previous years, what has come to our country is due to the government’s inaction and lack of countermeasures, pretending not to notice and hiding behind a fleeting veil of welcome at all costs. The wrongdoings of the left have made it possible for almost 60 thousand people to land in Italy since the beginning of the year, 59,079 migrants to be precise, a small part of them with requirements to access international protection programs. , have the right to stay in our country.

In recent months, the Ministry of Home Affairs It has never taken a stand, securing ports for all the ships of NGOs, which have put pressure on our country’s shores, leading to the collapse of the reception and management system for migrants. The police have complained on several occasions about the level of work they face, both for themselves and for people arriving in Italy, and inhumane working conditions. People cheated by a certain policy find better living conditions and instead sleep outdoors on dirty mattresses, among sewage, filth and all kinds of animals, including rats.

Reflecting all this, the Minister of the Interior, Luciana Lamorghese, declared by washing her hands of a situation within her competence: “Self Increases in flows The settlers there were not because Lamorghese made them come to Italy, but because of the complicated situationBy removing “. ” means “, as the numbers of his ministry attest to it, as a minister of the interior expresses himself in this way, fulfilling all the responsibility gives the level of competence and professionalism of the owner of the ministry of the interior. Prevents revenue, but has never been used by the current minister of the interior, who during the pandemic millions Euros were spent on chartered isolation vessels. Closure of portsEven as residents find themselves forced into stricter movement rules within national borders and abroad.

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A blame game designed to wash one’s conscience and clean one’s political image in one’s face, just weeks after Luciana Lamourghese left Viminal. Disaster Management The skill of his own ministry. One of the hallmarks of the left is the open ports policy, which Greece, Spain and Malta do not accept. It is true that Luciana Lamorghese did not make them come to Italy, but it is also true that she did nothing to stop the illegal immigrants from landing.