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“I’m getting ready to say goodbye to football! I’m going to live in the USA, I can’t go back to Argentina”

latest news. Former Napoli striker Gonzalo Higuain He did a lengthy interview with microphones ESPNOn the occasion of the Argentine national football team meeting you love Methe city in which Higuain lives today and plays football for Inter Miami CF.

Higuain is having a great moment of form in MLS, coming back to score consistently: I am in a wonderful moment from a sporting and human point of view. When you are healthy both humanly and mentally, it is difficult to feel bad from an athletic point of view. I’m in a great moment, you can see it on the pitch and I enjoy it like I was a kid And I played on the field or in the garden without media exposure and pressure.”

An interview with Higuain

For Higuain, this was an opportunity to talk about his future and some issues that are especially close to his heart. When asked if he already had a plan for his future, on the day he decided to say goodbye to football, Higuain replied: “Coach, journalist? number! I’m preparing for post-football, and I know I’m at the end of my career. You have to realize, once one of the guys said to me: You have to retire when you are still healthy. It’s the hardest decision, but it’s you who retired from football and it’s not football who retires. I know the time is approaching, but I haven’t made up my mind yet. I’m ready for the future, I’m at an age where I care about other things and I think I’m out of this environment that I’ve lived in for so many years, with all this intermediary offering, I want to devote myself to something else. In the future I don’t see myself close to football. On the one hand, it seems to me that I should never say “no” in life, but I still do not see myself connected to the world of football. But first I want to finish my adventure in Miami“.

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Then, on the prospect of returning to Argentina at the end of his career: “I haven’t been back to Argentina in two years and have thought of going back, but not to live. I want to live here in the United States. Unfortunately, I never thought that I didn’t want to go back to Argentina, for the sake of my friends, for the sake of my family, but you can’t. It cannot be done because of insecurity, because of inflation, because of the conditions in which people live. I talk to my friends and every day it gets worse. The truth is that I am lucky, many people do not have the possibility to leave and are forced to live there, but I will not go back to Argentina.“.

Higuain and football in the United States: “I am happy in Miami. It’s different here in the United StatesWe are used to criticism. But why do we have to get used to this and do nothing to change it? Because if a team misses five matches, they have to change coaches and if they win five matches, it looks like they win the championship. I don’t know, I think you changed your mind too quickly and I don’t think it’s normal, even if it’s normal. If you score three goals on a Sunday, you are the best in the world, and if you lose two goals after two weeks and are no longer needed: can you change your mind about a player in two weeks? I think we should be more measured, and look at things with respect. If you criticize a player who has had an extraordinary career, just because he missed a goal, that is not good, and I am not talking about me … One cannot live in this constant change of opinion. Troubled times helped me see life in a different way“.

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During the interview, the phenomenon of hate on the web was also discussed. Higuain used very harsh words about it: “They have naturalized bullying, meme, joke, offend, people see, consume. Many parents do not realize that their children can be victimized and certain behaviors. When I see players being criticized and not enjoying the moment, they waste time. People don’t realize what all this means, not just in sports. There are a lot of kids who have it, and it’s completely naturalized. It is not normal that cyberbullying is not given the weight it deserves. Thinking about the time I lost because of these things I would like to set an example for those who find themselves living in it.”

He continued: “Currently sI’m so happy, I’ll be much older now. The many bad moments that I had to live through, both from a mathematical and human point of view, with the passing of my mother taught me to look at life another way. Each of us has our own story, and our bad times. Touching the bottom made me grow human and I believe that the important things in the end are human values, respect and empathy. When people say “I guess what you’re going through”, no! People don’t know anything. I think it will take more conscience and empathy to understand the harm that bullying and joking can cause, and why It’s irreparable damage, and bullying kills People are not aware of all thisThen he added:I will never tolerate disrespect again“.

Finally, we talked about Messi: Put in MLS? I have no idea what you will do. I know his contract expires in June. Messi is like MaradonaYou cannot live anywhere. It will be your decision. If he comes here, it will undoubtedly be an extraordinary revolution. Best number 9? I am my prototype Benzema And the Lewandowski. “

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