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Test opinions technical data sheet Mercedes C SW and dimensions 220 D Premium

Test opinions technical data sheet Mercedes C SW and dimensions 220 D Premium

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Dashboard and controls
. dashboard Mercedes C-Class SW It really says something new in style. The top bar has five round slots, the bottom is angled and, on our test car, covered in a refined, open-pore black bezel with thin aluminum slats. On the left is a 12.3-inch digital instrument panel, dotted: clear and full, it allows different configurations, including those with a full-width navigator and the “classic” ones, with speedometer and tachometer; The split-spoke steering wheel was less convenient, modern and personal but has small, multiple and very sensitive “touch” controls: using it is not easy. The switch that starts the tilting 2.0 and 11.9-inch display that dominates the central area and serves (among other things) the multimedia system is clearly visible. Instead, the touch screen offers large icons that allow you to quickly find the desired function; Some of them can be protected with a code or a fingerprint reader: they are close to the volume touch keys. Recognition of voice commands and standard wireless commands from Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, as well as the navigator, are of high quality. Climate is also managed from the display screen (or by voice): the main functions make use of the default always-on-screen commands and the easy menus control the rest, such as the direction of the streams. Under a hood with smooth and very precise movement, the elegant glossy black tunnel houses two cup holders, and a top for wireless charging of mobile phones and a USB-C socket. In the dark, the ambient lights stand out in 64 colors of your choice (also varies between dashboard and doors). The pockets in the doors are very large unlike the drawer which has two shelves and is lockable but not air conditioned. Good finishes, with well maintained and lower quality items.

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Similar to competitors, it’s good for four; A passenger in the middle of the sofa is disturbed by the massive central tunnel and rigid backrest. The front seats are fairly low and closed, with electric (for height, lumbar support and backrest angle) and manual (for sliding) adjustments. in Mercedes C-Class SW From the test it was covered with eco-leather and (in the middle) with microfibers obtained from recycling plastic: materials that are pleasing to the eye and to the touch. At the back, the retractable central armrest houses two drink holders and there are ‘climate’ vents (with non-adjustable temperature).

capacity Mercedes C-Class SW It is in the average category. Only the height under the canopy is discreet (the two bags we use for tests can’t overlap, but competitors don’t do better) while the sill is flush with the inner surface, but with an unprotected closing hook. The sofa consists of three reclining parts and as standard there is a retractable vertical dividing net and a power tailgate (but not of the “hands-free” type). Delicate upholstery with soft rugs.