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"If you see a midfielder crushing defenders, fly him to the stands with the journalists"

“If you see a midfielder crushing defenders, fly him to the stands with the journalists”

It’s about time that after two years out of nowhere, a real coach finally sat on the bench!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m with him at 120%, this is my football!!! Play with two touches and go, don’t play as hard as Pepe Santidio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are closed you have to run the ball, you have to extend the game, the dribble, but what does it mean to me to catch the ball if you have a closed passing line? It only represents the fact, that you lose the ball and get your opponents back. , you have to play by extending the maneuver with game changes from one side of the playing field to the other, with beppe we have always played on the same squad!!! I repeat that it is time for a real coach to sit on the bench, there is a lot to do, there is a lot to rebuild, but the Italian is the right person and I have no doubts about that. I have no doubt about the concept, that if you want to put enough pressure on the opponent’s ball carrier, you can’t crush yourself on the line of defenders, you have to go out by raising the center of gravity and attack the opponent’s ball carrier, you have to shorten the distances on the opponent’s ball carrier as I like to say in many times !!!! !! Otherwise, if the distances with opponents are not enough, run empty, and approach the wrong times!!!! The Italian will play with the man on the ball carrier for the opponent as he likes!!!!! You must not let the holder breathe and think d the opponent’s ball, then there is the recovery and depth attack. , then full speed forward with the Italian to myself!!!!!!!!!!!

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